People Like You Drive the Orchard Mission

Purposeful Giving

Nancy was saved in an Alliance church in her late 40’s, says Timothy, former senior vice president of The Orchard Foundation, and she became passionate about Alliance ministries. Born a person of privilege and widowed by Roy, an MIT electrical engineer who was on the team that built the first lasers while working for a major U.S. corporation, Nancy trusted the Alliance with her legacy because of the integrity and compassion she observed in Orchard representatives.

Nancy was a purposeful giver and took every effort to guarantee that her money would meet the needs of the ministries she cared about. Nancy methodically planned and orchestrated the giving process of her estate to ensure her legacy was appropriated in accordance with the Alliance vision to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. Her legacy lives on through the lives that are impacted for Christ through Alliance initiatives funded by Nancy.

It Isn’t Mine to Spend

Keith, retired executive vice president for a major global corporation, learned both business and stewardship principles when God placed him in executive leadership roles at one of the most successful businesses in the world. Keith and his wife, Sally, attend Allegheny Center Alliance Church but are far from retired. They are actively involved in ministry initiatives through the church and continue to give generously toward Alliance Great Commission Ministries.

As I progressed from engineer to a senior executive, there was much I had to learn about finance, leadership, and global business. But, surprisingly, there was even more to learn about stewardship. God had gifted Sally and me with five wonderful children, meaningful work, good health, and a growing income.

But God had something vastly more important than the American dream in store. Slowly yet powerfully, God led us to share our house, our children, our time, and this income in ways that He ordained and blessed—not by some financial formula but in ways and amounts that He would reveal as we sought His leading. Sometimes He challenged us to donate money to His Kingdom before He revealed its Kingdom use. And it shouldn’t surprise you to know that often He revealed the use to our children rather than to us.

The Orchard Foundation provides us with opportunity to give through a Donor Advised Fund toward Alliance ministries before we or our children know where it will be used. We have established a Donor Advised Fund for each of our five children so that all of us can share in giving toward the Lord’s work, trusting Him for its usage.